GLS 2020 Volunteer Info

Thank you for considering to sign up as a volunteer for the Global Leadership Summit at Lakeshore Community Church! Volunteering for this event is a great way to get connected with the church and meet other people who attend our church. Our hope is that you will find this experience enriching and most of all fun!

In the following sections, you will find the online signup form, volunteer food donations and additional volunteer information. Here are the dates for the Global Leadership Summit:

  • August 5, 2020 - Setup Day
  • August 6, 2020 - Summit Day 1
  • August 7, 2020 - Summit Day 2

We sincerely hope you will considering volunteering for the Summit this year. Our attendance size is expected to be smaller (maybe around 150 guests) and volunteering for the Summit is going to look different this year than previous years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal is for this event to be as fun and enriching as previous years, while keeping the volunteers and guests as safe as possible. As a result, some of the standard stations will not be available, e.g. Resources or Cafe, and our normal layout and procedures will be considerably different.

We will be following similar safety procedures as our Sunday Services, which includes requiring everyone to wear a mask (which we will provide) and regular disinfecting of public surfaces. As a result, we need A LOT of people to help out with facilities for cleaning and disinfecting the Atrium and Auditorium areas.

New Team! Since the GLS is providing a livestream option for all the guests, each site is required to provide some volunteers on chat who will interact with those watching the GLS online. We will need around 3-5 volunteers for this position.

If you have any questions about volunteering, please reach out to me at or 585-749-4884.

We look forward to serving with you!!

Michael Wilkerson-Barker and the GLS Lead Team at Lakeshore Community Church

Volunteer Food Donations

Over 70 volunteers are involved each year to make this event a special and memorable experience for our guests. Even if you can't volunteer directly, you can help by providing food for the volunteers. You can sign up online via the link below or you can stop by the Gobal Leadership Summit table in the Atrium.

Volunteer Food Donations

Sign up to Volunteer

Your Information

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General Information

Summit Dates and Times

Shirts will be handed out on Sunday, August 2, 2020 after each service. You can also pick it up when you come to serve.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020 – 8:30a to 4:30 – Setup Day
Meet in Waves Café – This is our day of transformation to convert Lakeshore Community Church into a conference hall for the Global Leadership Summit. Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Thursday, August 6, 2020 – 7:45a to 6:00p – Summit, Day 1
Meet in the ISM room to pick up your badges – We ask everyone to be here at 7:45a to check in and get your badge. Prayer circle will be at 8:00a in the Atrium. Guests attending the Summit will begin arriving around 8:30a for registration. The Summit event runs from 9:30a to 5:30p. Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Friday, August 7, 2020 – 7:45a to 7:00p – Summit, Day 2
Meet in the ISM room to pick up your badges – Prayer circle will be at 8:00a in the Atrium. The Summit event runs from 9:30a to 5:30p. We will begin cleaning up the church and returning the rooms to normal after lunch. Please stick around after the Summit to help clean up. Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Prayer Room

We will have a prayer room set up in Room 110A and we ask that all volunteers take time out each day for 15 minutes to spend time with God in the Prayer Room. This is an integral part of this event and you never know what you will experience while you are there.


Will be added in the future

Safety Procedures

We will be following the standard safety procedures as our Sunday Services, which requires everyone to wear a mask (which we can provide) and regular disinfecting of the surfaces. More details to come.

Dress Code

We want our guests to remember our volunteers as Team Lakeshore during the event on Thursday and Friday. Every volunteer is provided with a Lakeshore golf shirt and an ID badge. Please wear comfortable shoes (you may be on your feet a lot) and dark colored pants (e.g. navy, black, dark gray). Please, no jeans or shorts. Dark colored capris are fine for the women.

Note: If you are serving on Wednesday (Setup Day), please wear comfortable clothes and shoes - shorts & T-shirts are fine.

Any final Questions?

Please reach out to me at or call me at 585-749-4884.