On behalf of the entire Lakeshore Church team, we want to welcome you! No matter your church background (or lack thereof), we are here to help you discover and develop a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

We're a church where you can be real, strengthen your relationships, and make an impact in our world.  

We know that it can be quite discomforting to attend a new church where you don’t know what to expect, especially if you haven’t been to church in a while, or maybe ever before. We hope to put you at ease. 

Our desire is to make this a great experience for you so that Sundays become the very best day of your week.


Lakeshore is not driven by religion, but by relationships.

If you have kids, we'd love to welcome them into our Lakeshore Kids program (for infants-5th grade) or our Lakeshore Students (for middle and high school students).


Check out our recent messages. Our goal in the sermons is life transformation, not just the transmission of information. Biblical knowledge is not assumed, it’s explained. It’s the personal stories that you remember from sermons, the down-to-earth, practical, intellectual, emotional and personal message that sticks out in your mind. We teach directly from the Bible but in a relevant style. Our services are typically one hour long.

You can also see the upcoming Sunday series and Midweek Bible Study messages here.