Thank you to everyone who volunteered to pack food and run our 7th annual FMSC MobilePack event.  This year we packed 202,176 meals, which will allow 553 kids to be fed for 1 year.

The meals packed at our FMSC MobilePack 2018 have not been sent out yet. Keep checking back to see where they go.

Over the course of the past 7 years Lakeshore has made the following significant contribution to FMSC:

Thank you to everyone that participated in Lakeshore's FMSC events.

FMSC MobilePack events help starving children around the world to get the physical nourishment they need to grow and succeed in school.  Lakeshore Community Church is able to partner with FMSC because of the generousity of its members and regular attenders who support Making Waves.  Click here to learn more and begin supporting Making Waves.


Did You Know?

It costs Lakeshore Community Church $44,000 to purchase enough food to pack the 200,000 meals for this event.  That means each packer who volunteers will be packing about $50 worth of food.  There are a few ways you can participate and help Lakeshore offset this cost...

1. Make a Donation

  • Lakeshore members and regular attenders support this cost through their contributions to Making Waves.  If you are not already contributing to Making Waves please click here to learn more about Making Waves and how to begin making contributions to help Lakeshore offset the cost.

  • People outside of Lakeshore can make a suggested donation of $50 per person packing. Donations can be made on a credit or debit card at the time of registration or can be mailed or dropped off to Lakeshore Community Church, 3651 Latta Road, Rochester, NY 14612.  Checks can be made out to Lakeshore Community Church. Please write FMSC in the memo line.

2. Raise Support

3. Corporate Sponsorship