Lakeshore's 2018 FMSC MobilePack event will take place on November 16 and 17.  Sign ups will start in October 2018.


Thank you to everyone who volunteered to pack food and run our 6th annual FMSC MobilePack event.  This year we packed 202,176 meals, which will allow 553 kids to be fed for 1 year.

The meals packed at our FMSC MobilePack 2017 were all sent to countries in Africa which is experiencing severe famine due to an extended drought. 

Our meals were specifically sent to the following countries/organizations:

  • 69,984 meals to Burkina Faso through LeSEA Global Feed the Hungry
    Learn more about Global Feed the Hungry at

  • 38,880 meals to Somalia through Global Aid Network
    Learn more about the Global Aid Network (GAIN) at

  • 93,312 meals to Swaziland through Heart for Africa
    Learn more about Heart for Africa at

FMSC MobilePack events help starving children around the world to get the physical nourishment they need to grow and succeed in school.  Lakeshore Community Church is able to partner with FMSC because of the generousity of its members and regular attenders who support Making Waves.  Click here to learn more and begin supporting Making Waves.