The purpose of New Horizons 103: First Steps is to help you discover the basics of the Christian faith. In this six-week class we explain the fundamentals of the Christian faith and what it means to develop a growing relationship with God.

We will answer common questions like:

  • How can I be sure I’m a Christian?
  • How do I make sense out of the Bible?
  • How can I communicate with God?
  • How can other Christian friends help me?
  • How do I live the Christian life and kick some stubborn habits?
  • How do I tell others about what has happened to me? 

Understanding these key truths from First Steps will help you live a successful Christian life and give you the skills needed to study the Bible on your own. 


Upcoming Classes

The date for the next First Steps Class is TBD.

All classes meet at the church. 



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