The purpose of New Horizons 103: First Steps is to help you discover the basics of the Christian faith. In this six-week class we explain the fundamentals of the Christian faith and what it means to develop a growing relationship with God.

We will answer common questions like:

  • How can I be sure I’m a Christian?
  • How do I make sense out of the Bible?
  • How can I communicate with God?
  • How can other Christian friends help me?
  • How do I live the Christian life and kick some stubborn habits?
  • How do I tell others about what has happened to me? 

Understanding these key truths from First Steps will help you live a successful Christian life and give you the skills needed to study the Bible on your own. 


Upcoming Classes

For more information on First Steps Classes contact Pastor Dan Cymbal


585-392-5253 ext. 1205