At Lakeshore, sharing Christ with the world involves more than just words, it involves taking action. We provide prayer and financial support for missionaries and organizations that serve others locally, nationally and globally.

Here are some of the missionaries and organizations we support:

We partner with Mission Share (Greece), Rochester Family Mission and Open Door Mission (Rochester), along with a number of other ministries that meet people’s physical and spiritual needs. 

We support a number of missionaries in countries within Africa, in India, Israel, Ukraine, the Philippines, Italy, and Jordan that serve people in a variety of ways centered around starting and strengthening churches. We also have a partnership with ORPHANetwork in Nicaragua that feeds extremely poor children and families and helps them spiritually.

Local Missions

The following list contains descriptions and website links for each of the missions organizations within the Rochester community that are currently supported by Lakeshore Community Church. These organizations provide an extension of our church to help those in need and spread Christ's message to the people in our community.

Mission:Share – Paul Filipiak
Organization began in 1993. Motto “Where love touches people”. All services are free of charge. Mission Share is here to share God’s love by helping to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people in our community.

Website: www.missionshareoutreach.org

Young Life – Max Hebert
Our mission is to bring Adventure, Hope and a Sense of Significance to the lives of teens.

Young Life doesn’t start with a program. It starts with adults concerned enough about kids to go to them, on their turf and in their culture, building bridges of authentic friendship. These relationships don’t happen overnight — they take time, patience, trust and consistency.

We believe in the power of presence. Kids’ lives are dramatically impacted when caring adults come alongside them, sharing God’s love with them. Because their leader believes in them, they begin to see that their lives have great worth, meaning and purpose.

Website: www.rochesterwest.younglife.org

Embracing Options – Dee Skelton
Embracing Options is a community outreach of His Branches whose mission is to eliminate the need for abortion by providing support for persons in past and present pregnancies, sharing the Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ, and promoting a culture of life through education about the sanctity of human life, abstinence, and a moral approach to sexuality.

Website: www.embracingoptions.org

cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) – John & Laura Iamaio
Today, the campus ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ is a network of vibrant, growing movements on 1,029 campuses in the United States and beyond. Proven and diverse outreach strategies expose millions of students to the gospel each year. Over the past five years, more than 37,900 students made a decision to become a Christian. Our purpose is to help launch and build movements of spiritual multiplication on college campuses so that everyone will know someone who truly follows Jesus Christ.

Website: www.rit.edu/studentaffairs/religion/ccc.php

Grace House - Rev. Donald Buongiorne
Our mission is to provide a smooth transition to community life for men recently released from a correctional facility, who have demonstrated a consistent commitment to change, by providing a highly structured program based on Christian principles, while evangelizing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

What is “Grace House”? A highly structured, transitional residence, designed to disciple men who are on Parole (released from prison) to become productive for the Kingdom of God, their families, and their communities.

Website: www.sgmworld.org/rochester/

NYFCF – Rev. Jason McGuire
NYCF is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. NYCF is a statewide, issues-oriented, political lobbying organization committed to voicing the pro-life and pro-family perspective to New York state elected officials. NYCF:

  • Monitors legislation
  • Influences the legislative process
  • Proposes positive legislation
  • Opposes negative legislation
  • Publishes voting records
  • Designs candidate questionnaires
  • Provides full-time lobbyists to represent the pro-family, pro-life perspective

NYCF also ministers to our State Representatives, staff members, and other lobbyists through weekly legislative prayer breakfasts and Bible studies, encouragement, and personal witness.

As a Christian ministry, NYCF exists to influence legislation and legislators for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Website: www.albanyupdate.com

CompassCare – Rev. James Harden
CompassCare Pregnancy & STD Services is a professional medical office, with staff dedicated to serving women facing unplanned pregnancies by transforming their fear into confidence. Our Doctors and Nursing staff are committed to providing professional services to women in a caring environment. We look forward to serving you.

Our services include :

  • Free Medical Pregnancy Services
  • Pregnancy Testing and Confirmation
  • Ultrasound Exam
  • Gestational Age Determination
  • Complete Pregnancy Options Consulation
  • Community Support Referrals
  • Abortion Information
  • Adoption and Parenting Information
  • STD Testing and Treatment

Website: www.compasscare.info

Rochester Family Mission – Rev. Barbara Thomas
Rochester Family mission provides you an effective outreach into the inner city of Rochester. Distinctly Christian, we provide you, your church or organization an authentic way to impact your community with your faith. We are a conduit of your compassion.

We partner in your presentation of the gospel thru:

  • Food Distribution that reaches Rochester
  • Youth Programs
  • Holiday Food / Gift Baskets
  • A Hand Up
  • Higher Education

Website: www.rochesterfamilymission.org

Global Missions

Children’s Relief International (CRI) - Dan Robillard (on temporary furlough)
Our mission is to take Christ to the poor, the needy and the oppressed. We do this by building the church, providing for the care and education of children, raising quality of life, and providing skills for jobs. Along the way, it is our privilege to awaken God's people to compassion and service.

Dan Robillard is the first Lakeshore Community Church missionary. He is starting with CRI in May 2013 and will be serving as a Missions Team Developer in Mozambique. You can support Dan with your prayers and also financially. Go to the website listed below, select Donate in the upper right corner and fill in the form – be sure to select Dan Robillard as the missionary.

We have four convictions as an organization: Christ commands us to carry His name to all peoples. Christ calls us to missions as a vocation. Christ cares for all people. Christ claims us for his purposes

We strive for six outcomes from our work: The Church grows. Children are cared for and educated. Quality of life rises as hunger is reduced and health increased. The poor gain the ability to earn a living and the hope that comes with it. God’s people are awakened to compassion. God’s people are enabled to serve.

Six strategies or values guide our work: Place Christ first in our programs, projects and ministries. Be zealous to serve, but realistic over pace and outcomes. Commit for the long run but re-evaluate often. Be transparent in accountability. Be conscientious in communications. Strive for gratitude and return to a posture of humility.

Website: www.childrensrelief.org


ORPHANetwork – Dick Anderson
Our mission is "Every Orphaned Child Fully Reaching Their God Given Potential" Our reason for being is to see abandoned children rescued, restored and redeemed through the love of Christ. Our mission is simply to: Rescue abandoned children Prevent at-risk children from being abandoned Create the opportunity for a new life Share Christ with everyone.

Our Core Values: Faith, Connection, Leadership and Trust.

Why Nicaragua: The classic understanding of the term orphan defines children whose parents have died and have no extended family to adopt them. The circumstances behind Nicaragua's orphans are two-fold. Either (1) their parents have abandoned them without explanation or intention of returning, or (2) they are social orphans, children whose parents are unable or unfit to raise them, due to financial, physical or emotional inability. Often times these parents place their children at the orphanages, desiring a better life for them than they are able to provide. Other times, the Nicaraguan social welfare organization removes the child from an unhealthy home situation.

Website: www.orphanetwork.org


Feed My Starving Children (FMSC)
Feed My Starving Children is a non-profit Christian organization committed to feeding God’s children hungry in body and spirit. The approach is simple: children and adults hand-pack meals specifically formulated for malnourished children, and we ship the meals to nearly 70 countries around the world.

Our Mission: Feeding God’s Starving Children Hungry in Body and Spirit Our Vision: With God’s help Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) will strive to eliminate starvation in children throughout the world by helping to instill compassion in people to hear and respond to the cries of those in need.

As a Christian Organization: We believe that there is one God, in three persons: Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. He has directed us to help others in need. We believe Jesus Christ is the reason that FMSC exists and we strive to listen for and follow His will every day in all that we do. We believe that every child has a right to be fed a nutritious meal. [Matthew 25:35 - "For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat."] We believe that our lives are enriched when we graciously give our own time and resources to help others in need. [Luke 6:38 - "Give and it will be given to you."] We believe partnering with other faith-based and humanitarian organizations maximizes our ability to feed God’s children.

Website: www.fmsc.org


Global Outreach Mission – Dr. Joe and Becky Harvey
We are Dr. Joseph and Rebecca Harvey, medical missionaries with Global Outreach Mission in the Republic of Congo. We are serving our Lord Jesus Christ here in this central African nation with the goal of bringing God’s hope and healing to the people of Congo. Our primary work is at Congo's Pioneer Christian Hospital (a.k.a. “H.E.L.P.,” the acronym for its local French name, “Hôpital Evangélique ‘Le Pionnier’”) in the northern city of Impfondo, where Joseph serves as founder and medical director. Pioneer Christian is a 60-bed general mission hospital in the heart of the Congo River Basin Rainforest. The mission of Pioneer Christian Hospital is to provide health and hope to those who need it most. Pioneer Christian Hospital serves as a referral center for an estimated population of 300,000 people, including local residents, villagers, and vulnerable people groups including indigenous peoples, refugees, the poor, elderly, chronically ill, and AIDS orphans and widows. A combination of missionary volunteers and paid Congolese staff provide a full spectrum of services 24/7 including: Obstetrics, Medicine/Pediatrics, Surgery, Consultation, Laboratory, Medical Imaging, Pharmacy, Chaplaincy, Administration, Maintenance, and Security.

Website: www.congoharveys.org


TEAM – Andy and Linda Brucato
TEAM’s purpose is to help churches send missionaries to establish reproducing churches among the nations to the glory of God. TEAM is an evangelical, non-denominational, international mission whose purpose is to help churches send missionaries to establish reproducing churches in other nations to the glory of God. TEAM has over 750 missionaries serving in more than 40 countries. Andy and Linda Brucato currently serve in Bologna, Italy. Some current ministries include Prison Ministry, Cage Ministry (for young soccer players), Prostitute Ministry and support for Youth for Christ Italia.

Website: www.teamworld.org


TEAM – Gene and Sue Coleman
TEAM’s purpose is to help churches send missionaries to establish reproducing churches among the nations to the glory of God. TEAM is an evangelical, non-denominational, international mission whose purpose is to help churches send missionaries to establish reproducing churches in other nations to the glory of God. TEAM has over 750 missionaries serving in more than 40 countries. Gene and Sue Coleman currently serve in Italy.

Website: www.teamworld.org


Converge Worldwide – Bill and Kathy Martin
Connecting God’s people around God’s purposes… Igniting multiplying movements… Transforming lives and communities with Christ’s love and truth. The continent of Africa presents a huge challenge and great opportunity. Of the continent's 3750 people groups, 868 remain on the least-reached list and need to hear the gospel (Joshua Project estimate). Other challenges include famine, war, poverty and HIV/AIDS. Yet these challenges present opportunities. Converge workers are engaged in ministries that meet human needs and lead many to Christ. HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, other medical work and community development represent great opportunities. Our workers equip leaders for the African church to effectively disciple new believers and strengthen new churches. Bill and Kathy currently serve in Dakar, Senegal, Africa

Website: www.convergeworldwide.org


Converge Worldwide – Tania Martin
Connecting God’s people around God’s purposes… Igniting multiplying movements… Transforming lives and communities with Christ’s love and truth. Tania currently serves in Ukraine. In Ukraine, statistics are very high that most of the children exiting orphans will be in jail, on drugs, engaged in prostitution or would have committed suicide within a short time of exiting the orphanage. The reason for this is that they do not have good role models in their parents or their peers and they are not thought practical life skills in the orphanages. Over the past year of doing ministry in the orphanages, God has placed it on our hearts to help the young people transition from the orphanage into the real world and to provide support for then through the local church.

Website: www.convergeworldwide.org


Christar – Nabeeh and Ruba Abbassi
Christar exists to glorify God by establishing churches among least reached Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and other Asians Worldwide Our Vision: To cultivate Christ honoring transformation in communities where he is yet to be worshiped. Our Core Values: Godliness, The Body of Christ, Personnel Development, Effectiveness, Creativity Christar has been partnering with the church for over 80 years to bring the light of Christ to the least-reached. We know that through partnership and teamwork, the possibilities for reaching the lost multiply! That is why we want to partner with your church to identify, prepare and mobilize people in your congregation to make a difference for Christ among the least-reached peoples of the world. Join with us in bringing the light of Christ to those hardest to reach!

Website: www.christar.org


Conservative Baptist Association of the Philippines – Noel and Jeni Pantoja
Our mission is helping Churches multiplying churches. Our core values are: Compassion for the lost, Building up the Body, Anchored on God’s Word, Passion for the Lord Our vision is to glorify God and make disciples of all nations.

Noel Pantoja serves as General Director of the Conservative Baptist Association of the Philippines, the national movement of CB churches started by World Venture in 1955, overseeing total ministries of Missions and Church Planting, Church Development, Training and Community transformation programs. Jeni coaches and mentors Pastors wives and help lead women's ministries.


India Grace Ministries – Rufus Paul

In India, there are one billion people with over 800 known languages and dialects including 15 major languages and 10 religions. Only less than 3 percent are Christian including Protestant and Catholic. There is much to be done in order to spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Rev. Rufus Paul is one ambassador who has taken the heed of Christ to go into his world. He is a native born Indian who has established 45 churches over the past 15 years of ministry. He and his pastors have committed to take the gospel to the un-reached peoples of India. Because of intense opposition from the Hindus, their labor has not been without persecution. But, by the grace of God, they are carrying on what Christ has commissioned them to do. Grace Ministries is an orphanage that has been in operation for 18 years. It currently houses 50 children. They receive shelter, food, education and daily biblical training.



Bridges for Peace - Terry and Robbie Mason

Bridges For Peace is a Jerusalem-based, Bible-believing Christian organization supporting Israel and building relationships between Christians and Jews worldwide through education and practical deeds expressing God's love and mercy. It is our desire to see Christians and Jews working side by side for better understanding and a more secure Israel.

Founded in 1976, Bridges for Peace seeks to be a ministry of hope and reconciliation. Through programs both in Israel and worldwide, we are giving Christians the opportunity to actively express their biblical responsibility before God to be faithful to Israel and the Jewish community. We are committed to the following goals: To encourage meaningful and supportive relationships between Christians and Jews in Israel and around the world. To educate and equip Christians to identify with Israel, the Jewish people, and the biblical/Hebraic foundations of our Christian faith. To bless Israel and the Jewish people in Israel and worldwide, through practical assistance, volunteer service, and prayer. To communicate Christian perspectives to the attention of Israeli leaders and the Jewish community-at-large. To counter Anti-Semitism worldwide and support Israel's divine God-given right to exist in her God-given land.

Website: www.bridgesforpeace.com