The foundation of faith for every Christian is based on a sound theology— that is the study of God and His Word. For any Christian to be able to grow strong in their faith, they must be able to accurately grasp the chief tenants of Christian theology related to the Bible, the Trinity, angels and demons, creation, humankind, salvation, sanctification, the church, death and the end times. Sadly, too few Christians know how to think theologically in our day, but we’re out to change that. In this extensive and essential series, we will cover all of the major areas of systematic theology to help anyone establish a strong and sound “Life Foundation” for their faith.

LESSON 1: Theology: Why It's Important

LESSON 2 - The Bible: The Inspired, Inerrant Guidebook

LESSON 3 - God: The Heavenly Father And The Trinity

LESSON 4 - The Person Of Jesus: The Only Son Of God

LESSON 5 - The Work of Jesus: The Savior of the World

LESSON 6: The Holy Spirit: Who He Is

LESSON 7: The Holy Spirit: What He Does

LESSON 8: Angels: God’s Special Messengers

LESSON 9: Satan: The Evil Adversary

LESSON 10: Spiritual Warfare And The Armor Of God

LESSON 11: Creation: God’s Divine Design Of Everything

LESSON 12: Mankind: Created In Innocence And In God's Image

LESSON 13: Salvation: The Amazing Grace Of God

LESSON 14: The Amazing Grace Of God (part 2)

LESSON 15: Sanctification: Becoming More Like Jesus (part 1)

LESSON 16: Sanctification: Becoming More Like Jesus (part 2)

LESSON 17: The Church: Its Nature And Its Mission

LESSON 18: The End Times: The Rapture And The Tribulation

LESSON 19: The End Times: The Rapture And The Tribulation

LESSON 20: The Afterlife: What Happens After We Die