In 2017, Lakeshore Community Church began asking the question, “If Lakeshore closed its doors, would anyone in the community notice?” That question both haunted and motivated a small group of people at Lakeshore to do everything they could to ensure that never happens.  So they began something called LOVE WEEK



With these trying and unusual times it’s more important now than ever before to demonstrate the LOVE OF JESUS CHRIST to our community. LOVE WEEK is all about LOVING and SERVING people in our community the way JESUS would.  LOVE WEEK is all about making a difference outside the church walls and out in the community where people need to hear the LIFE CHANGING MESSAGE OF THE GOSPEL.



You can be a part of LOVE WEEK (AUGUST 16 THROUGH AUGUST 23) by serving as a LOVE WEEK LIAISON, helping to organize one of the more than 20 PROJECTS. that will allow the people of Lakeshore to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community.

LIAISONS work with a local organization in the community to decide on a service project and organize a group of volunteers to complete that project.


The primary function of a LOVE WEEK Liaison is to facilitate communication between the people and organizations we’re serving and the Lakeshore volunteers.

  • Are Liaisons responsible for recruiting team members? No, the Missions Team will recruit the team members, however liaisons are welcome to invite people to join the project. 
  • Are Liaisons responsible for finding Service Projects? No, the Missions Team finds the Service Projects, however we’re happy to consider projects if a Liaison has a suggestion. The idea here is to really become the communication channel between the volunteers and “voluntees”.


Summary of Liaisons responsibilities:

  • Engage the assigned organization and develop a primary contact person (we have several already).
  • Explain to the organization's primary contact that we’ll be out in the community the week of the August 16th (many will remember us from years past).
  • Ask how best we can come alongside them and help/serve.
  • Determine how many people (volunteers) you believe you may need to accomplish this.
  • Can we lock down a specific date and time during the week of the 16th to serve? (one event is ~2 hours in duration)
  • Communicate any details with your Serve team (once we’ve recruited volunteers for you).
  • Work with the LOVE WEEK Team to ensure you have everything your team needs to serve during the event.

That’s it.


We are having two meetings to share the details of LOVE WEEK and what's involved in serving as a Liaison.

  • Tuesday July 14 @ 7PM via Zoom Video Call
  • Sunday July 19 @ 10:30AM at Lakeshore

Click the REGISTER button below to let us know which meeting you're coming to.



If you have an idea for a project and are able to organize it, please contact MIKE GRUGNALE at mgrugnale@thomasnetuny.comPROJECTS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY WEDNESDAY, JULY 22